Innovative iPhone apps by Paul Gee


HotUKDealer v2.10

An update to HotUKDealer has been submitted to the App Store which has the following features:

  • Categories and Forum views now filter results based on settings. So if you don’t want to see competitions, you won’t see them.
  • Search results are now also filtered.
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter support as well as Evernote, Readability, Tumbler, email, Safari, SMS support for sharing deals.

This new release should be available in a week.

find-DVD & DVDFerret updates

Both find-DVD and DVD Ferret are now iOS5 compatible. find-DVD is available now and DVD Ferret will be released very soon at the App Store.

Both applications remove the HD DVD and UMD search options and provide 3D and Box Set options instead.

HotUKDealer v2.07

Version 2.07 of HotUKDealer has now been released which improves iOS5 compatibility and various bug fixes.

There will soon be a new release of the Find apps to fix bugs and improve iOS5 compatibility. Also find-DVD will get additional features such as 3D movie search options, clear history, etc.

FEG is Now available at the App Store

FEG is now available to download for free at the App Store. So If you are looking for the best deal on toasters, hair straighteners, televisions, laptops, computers, iPods or anything that has a plug attached then download this great app here

FEG Available Soon

find-ElectricalGoods or FEG as it is known in the App Store will be available very soon. You can check out what it looks like here

FEG compares book prices from dozens of UK retailers. You can search the categories from amplifiers to wine coolers, from TV’s to cookers and narrow down searches by brand.

FEG will display a list of results that match your search criteria. Just tap on a match and FEG will display the list of retailers who are selling the item and tell you who is the cheapest.

FEG keeps a history of your searches, so you can regularly check for price drops.

It's quick, simple to use and could save you money as FEG compares the prices of all the top online retailers including Boots, Next Domestic Appliances, Electrical Discount UK, Pixmania, Appliance Deals, Marks and Spencer Appliances, Currys, Dixons, Kitchen Science, Electric Shop, Appliance City, Bennetts, 24 Electric, Play, PC World, 1st Audio Visual and many more.

It features an in built browser so you can go directly to the deals at the online store and buy it or email the cheapest deal to a friend. You can even share on via Email and post books on Facebook, Twitter, Reader, Delicious, Tumbler, Pinboard, Read It Later

HotUKDealer search & AV listing

I’ve found a problem with the HotUKDeals website where searching returns badly formatted results, which causes HotUKDealer to display an error. I will release a temporary work around until the website fixes their search engine.

Also I need your help. I’ve had a report that the Audio Visual category also displays an error. If you have experienced this please let me know at



HotUKDealer 2.04 released

HotUKDealer v2.04 is now released which has a better mechanism for refreshing the deals from the HotUKDeals website.

This should allow quicker navigation between deals within the app and less frequent updating.



find-CD & find-BOOK released

find-BOOK & find-CD are now released and available for download from the App Store. An update for both is also with Apple to fix an issue with categories.

Work has begun of FEG... which is the Find-ElectricalGoods app but has been shortened to FEG.

Check out the new section of the
website here.

HotUKDealer v2.03 released

Just quick announcement that a new version of HotUKDealer is available for download. This release includes a few bug fixes plus landscape mode is now supported on the iPhone and iPod Touch.



find-BOOK & find-CD on hold

We had to pull find-CD & find-BOOk from the App Store due to a problem with displaying the results of a search which caused the app to crash.

The version submitted to the App Store should never have work but somehow Apple released it. A new working version is being reviewed and will be released soon.

Apologies for the confusion and disappointment.



HotUKDealer v2.01

The next version of HotUKDealer is waiting in queue at Apple to be reviewed and released.

This is a bug fix release, that corrects some issues with refreshing but more importantly allows the updating of categories and forums. This is quite important as the HotUKDeals site of late has been adding and removing categories overnight. For a lot of apps this causes them to stop working properly. From v2.01 onwards I’ll be able to modify the categories remotely, ensuring the HotUKDealer keeps working.

I’ve also added back and forward buttons for the built-in web browser for easy navigation.



find-BOOK & find-CD

Just a quick update to say both find-BOOK and find-CD apps are now in review with Apple, so should be released within the next week.

Meanwhile I’m working on a quick update of HotUKDealer to fix some bugs which have become apparent and also allow the dynamic updating of the forums and categories, so I can map changes on the HotUKDeals website quicker.

HotUKDealer Now Available

HotUKDealer is now available at the App Store. If you are an existing user of HotUKDeals RSS you can upgrade for free, just check for updates on your iPhone or iPad.
HotUKDealer is the long awaited upgrade to HotUKDeals RSS. Version 2.0 is a complete re-write of the original application from the ground up. In addition to a brand new easy to use interface it has the following features:

  • Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Purchase once and use on all your devices. Users of HotUKDeals upgrade for free.
  • Order deals by temperature, newest or discussed.
  • Browse the new forum and categories, including AV, Gaming, Fashion and the “Other” category
  • Use the quick view to see the deals details or visit the HotUKDeals website using the inbuilt browser. Displays mobile version on website on iPhone and full website on iPad.
  • Search HotUKDeals by keywords
  • Post or email deals to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Delicious, Read it Later, Pindboard or open in Safari
  • Search the internet for the best prices on DVDs, Games, Books and CDs using the built-in price comparison engines.

HotUKDealer in Review

HotUKDealer is in review with Apple.

I’ve updated the website, so you can now take a sneak preview of the iPhone and iPad screens.

In addition to the ability to search for DVDs and Games, I’ve added books and CDs as well. All the major retailers are compared on price and these are listed on the
HotUKDealer web page.

HotUKDeals Finished!

At long last the new version of HotUKDeals RSS or HotUKDealer as it will be renamed, is functionally complete.

This has been a major rewrite. The new version combines support for both iPhone and iPad platforms, all the new categories and forums from the HotUKDeals website, built in DVD and Game search engine, social networking support including twitter and facebook and a major improvement in speed and user interface design, including retina display graphics.

It will be submitted for review to Apple tomorrow and then should be available in a week or so time. It will be an free upgrade for existing customers.

I’ll post screenshots soon.....

find apps updates

This week saw the release of updates for both find-DVD and find-Games. Both applications can now post DVDs and Games to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Delicious, Read it Later and Pinboard. As before you can open links directly in Safari or email to a friend.

Meanwhile find-BOOK and find-CD are currently in testing before being released very shortly. Soon after FEG or find Electrical Goods will be released.

HotUKDeals v2 Screenshots

HotUKDeals v2 is in testing at the moment as a sneak preview there is a selection of screenshots. Check them out here

The new version has a host of new functionality including “drag down to refresh”, twitter and facebook support, search HotUKDeals, DVD and Games search, plus a vastly improved user interface.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to release very soon.

find-DVD & HotUKDeals

find-DVD v1.2 has been released and now available at the App Store. It includes a couple of bug fixes, you can now open links in safari and on the more detailed page for Region 2 DVDs you can tap an actor or director name and instantly perform a search on the name. Look out for the search icon.

I now have all the information I require to add the price watch facility to find-DVD & find-Games, so I will begin work on this much requested feature soon. I will also do a first release of find-CD and find-Book in about a month from now.

The big update of HotUKDeals is nearing completion and I hope to release soon and in the App Store in about 3 weeks. I’ll put some screenshots up soon, so be sure to check back.

WhoNews v1.7 released

A new version of WhoNews is available at the App Store which adds support for a host of social networking sites, allowing links and DVDs to be published to:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Delicious
  • Google Reader
  • Instapaper
  • Pinboard
  • Read It Later
  • Tumbler
  • Email
Plus links to news articles can be copied and pasted to other apps or opened in Safari.

find-Games at the App Store

A lot of people have been asking for a find-Games app to compliment the website and it has now been released and is available at the App Store.

I’ve also added a find-Games page to the website which contains screen shots and a link to download find-Games.

I hope you find it as useful as find-DVD. The work on HotUKDeals continues.... so watch this space.



WhoNews v1.6 available

WhoNews v1.6 is now available at the app store and existing users can download the upgrade.

This is a relatively minor update which adds multi-tasking support for iOS4 plus some graphical changes.

Bigger developments will be coming in the months to come....

Don’t forget the special $2.99/£1.79 ends on 12th August.