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Paul Gee is the founder of Moonboom, a mobile development company specialising in iOS development.

I have developed iOS apps for clients, including the BBC and National Air Traffic Services (NATS) .

I am passionate about creating well-crafted code and delivering complete software solutions to his customers.

The video of NATS Airspace Explorer is a prime example of the complexity and quality of the work he can undertake as well as my other work for the Doctor Who brand with the BBC.

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Two of my most popular apps are WhoNews and Doctor Who: EyeStalk

  • WhoNews brings you the latest news from all your favourite Doctor Who websites in one easy to use application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • EyeStalk transforms your iPhone, iPad or iPod into the lens of a Dalek. Take photos and movies using a Dalek point of view and see the world as the Doctor's oldest and deadliest enemy.