Innovative iPhone apps by Paul Gee


HotUKDealer v2.10

An update to HotUKDealer has been submitted to the App Store which has the following features:

  • Categories and Forum views now filter results based on settings. So if you don’t want to see competitions, you won’t see them.
  • Search results are now also filtered.
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter support as well as Evernote, Readability, Tumbler, email, Safari, SMS support for sharing deals.

This new release should be available in a week.

find-DVD & DVDFerret updates

Both find-DVD and DVD Ferret are now iOS5 compatible. find-DVD is available now and DVD Ferret will be released very soon at the App Store.

Both applications remove the HD DVD and UMD search options and provide 3D and Box Set options instead.

HotUKDealer v2.07

Version 2.07 of HotUKDealer has now been released which improves iOS5 compatibility and various bug fixes.

There will soon be a new release of the Find apps to fix bugs and improve iOS5 compatibility. Also find-DVD will get additional features such as 3D movie search options, clear history, etc.